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Last Updated April 3, 2021, 9:35 am

Combining Sentences.

1 Combine the sentences to make one new sentence, including a defining relative clause. Make any necessary changes, and omit the relative pronoun if possible.
  1. The bus goes up Edward Avenue. It doesn't stop at the railway station.
  2. The debate went on all night. The backbenchers had demanded it.
  3. The escaped convicts stashed away the gold bars. They had stolen the gold in an earlier bank raid.
  4. It was her dream cottage! She had always wanted one like that.
  5. They booked into the hotel. They stayed there on their honeymoon.
  6. The bodyguards were flanking the King. They had revolvers concealed inside their jackets.
  7. It wasn't their dog. No, I was taking care of their cat.
  8. The tree had died. They cut it down.
  9. That's the cruise. I've always wanted to go on that one.
  10. I think it was the manager. I was speaking to him.
2 Combine the sentences to make one new sentence, including a relative clause.
  1. She had invited a hundred guests. I didn't know any of them.
  2. Growling in the corner were two big dogs. They both looked extremely dangerous.
  3. The manager called in my new colleagues. I had met one or two of them already.
  4. There were several large holes in the road. Three of them had to be repaired urgently.
  5. There were some vegetables left over. I was able to use a few of them in some soup for supper.
  6. The talk was attended by over two hundred delegates. Most of them took notes.
  7. The researchers reported back on the questionnaires. The most interesting ones showed a marked change in leisure habits among older people.
  8. He comes from a large family. All of them now live in Australia.

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