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Last Updated October 15, 2020, 1:34 pm 🖶
Necessary words and expressions
gas gauge
fuel tank
road signs
Stop sign
Give Way sign
to overtake - to pass another car
speed limits
speed cameras
driving licence
wing mirrors on the side of the car
rearview mirror (to see behind you)
blind spot the place behind you that you cannot see even with mirrors.
to have priority
traffic light
get in lane
indicators (you should use them to show if you are turning left or right)
pedestrian crossings
zebra crossings
pelican crossings
break down
hard shoulder

The article itself you can find here:

Just of the top off my head:

interchange - a motorway junction of interconnecting roads and bridges designed to prevent streams of traffic crossing one another
guide sign
step hard on the brake (pedal)
to cut in front of... (I slammed the brakes on as the other car cut in in front of me)
skidding (can be on a slippery road) - controlled skidding - full-lock skidding - sidewise skidding

And that's a nice picture about car parts. I'm afraid it's American English but I couldn't find something so detailed in British English.

Interesting expressions:
backseat driver
road hog
running on empty
They are from this video:

Giving Directions

Giving Directions

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