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English Tap

You might be able to perceive the meaning of the words on this page, but if you are struggling in that regard, just use the dictionary
  1. What is the definition of camouflage?
    1. exceptionally thin or small in body or size
    2. concealment by means of disguise
    3. to begin or initiate
  2. What is the definition of derive?
    1. not clearly seen or easily distinguished
    2. extremely wicked, harsh, or cruel
    3. to receive or obtain especially from a specified source
    1. overt
    2. prodigy
    3. raid
    4. scotch
    5. tardy
    6. traction
    7. ungainly
    8. veto
    9. voracious
    1. the ability to grip on a surface
    2. a young person with exceptional qualities or abilities
    3. awkward or clumsy
    4. put an end to something
    5. a sudden assault
    6. object to or reject a proposal or decision
    7. late or slow
    8. with a large or eager appetite
    9. obvious and open
    10. looking awkward or clumsy, often because they are big.
    1. herald
    2. laborious
    3. remnant
    4. sear
    5. taut
    6. unite
    7. compound
    8. derisive
    9. furtive
    10. gallant
    1. stealthy like a thief
    2. to join and become one
    3. made of two or more parts or substances
    4. to scorch
    5. needing a lot of hard or tedious work
    6. noble and heroic
    7. to announce that something is arriving
    8. tightly stretched
    9. a part left over
    10. Describes a noise, expression, or remark expressing contempt.

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