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Last Updated November 16, 2020, 2:16 pm

Fight against landlords

I’ve got a pack of cards in my room. It contained 54 cards. Recently, I learned a card game called ‘fight against the landlords’ from my friend. This evening, when I was having my lesson with my teacher, Leon, I taught him this game. First, you put three or six cards aside. Next,you get yourself twelve or thirteen cards. Then, one of the players will be the landlord and he’ll take the three or six cards. The game begins.You can throw a pair away or just throw one card.If you have at least five cards that are connected to each other, you’ve got a run! You can throw them away on one occasion. If you have three cards that are the same, you can throw them away with a pair. If, you have four cards that are the same, you’ve got a bomb! You can throw them away with another card at any time! How cool it is! Finally, if you throw your cards away faster than anyone else, you win! This is very interesting! I really enjoy playing it!

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