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Note From Mrs Bartlett
The year 12 folders (modules 2, 3 and 4) are numbered with the year 12 book chapter. Daniel should be looking at the year 13 modules 5 and 6 which are numbered with the year 13 book chapters.
If you look at the front of Daniel's A2 book the module titles are the same as the website, the unit titles are the same as the website, but the numbering references the book we use in year 12.
In module 3 you will see in Daniel's book the chapters are:
  • 7 Exchange surfaces and breathing
  • 8 Transport in animals
  • 9 Transport in plants
On the website they are listed as
  • 3.1 Exchange surfaces and breathing
  • 3.2 Transport in animals
  • 3.3 Transport in plants
Hopefully you can read the titles of the units and find the matching ones in the year 13 book.

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