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English Tap

    Allows more aerobic respiration for increased ATP production Arterioles to digestive system are constricted

Less blood travels to the gut,

where it’s not needed as much Heart rate increases

More blood travels to these areas

to collect and supply glucose Sweat production increases

Glycogen is broken down and

released from the liver Arterioles to liver and muscles are dilated

e.g. Increased respiration releases

ATP; more glycogenolysis occurs Erector pili muscles contract

More oxygen is taken in to be used

in aerobic respiration Metabolic rate increases

Hairs are raised on end;

evolutionary adaptation to

frighten an enemy Ventilation rate and depth increase

Natural painkillers allow the body

to push beyond normal limits Defecation and urination may occur

Prevents body overheating when

exercise level increases Endorphins are released in brain

May deter predators and

decreased body weight allows

faster movement Pupils dilate

Allows in more light; gives better

image of threatening situation Blood glucose levels rise

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