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How to play

Nominate One Person to "Sit in the Chair"

One person chooses one of the set but keeps it to themselves and does not tell the others. The others have to ask questions to eliminate possibilities
The guessers must keep asking questions until they are absolutely sure of their answer. The man in the hot seat should try not to give the game away too easily. Give the guessers something to think about. Give long answers with plenty of description, rather than giving the answer away.
It's a question game. One player secretly chooses one. You have to find out which one by asking them questions. Here are some questions you can ask. You can click each picture to change it's border colour, to help you remember which ones you think it might be and which ones you know it could not be.

Animal Classes


The first class of animals is covered with hair
And they live almost anywhere
They've got warm blood and their babies drink milk
And they sweat when it\s hot out there


The next class is lumped together
Because their bodies are covered with feathers
Their babies are hatched from hard-shelled eggs
And some migrate with the weather


To breathe under water with gills
Is a pretty impressive skill
Fins and scales and powerful tails
Make ocean living ideal


The critters with scaly skin
Are cold-blooded and born on land
Snakes and turtles and crocodiles
Lay eggs like the rest of them


. Born underwater and breathing like fish
When they grow up their gills become lungs
And they can live on land if they wish


Spiders, insects and crabs all have
Segmented bodies, big and small
Jointed legs and an exoskeleton
Mammals, Birds, Fish, Reptiles
Amphibians, Arthropods
2 Play Guess Which. One person imagines they are an animal and the others try to discover which animal by asking questions.

Does it ....?

  1. Does it lay eggs? (tojik tojást?)
  2. Does it eat meat? (eszik húst?)
  3. Does it live in a zoo?
  4. Does it live in water?
  5. Does it live in the sea?
  6. Does it live with people? (emberekkel lakik?)
  7. Does it help men work? (segit a munkában?)
  8. Does it live in the forest? (erdőben lakik?)
  9. Does it live in the jungle? (dzsungelben lakik?)
  10. Does it live in water? (vízben él?)
  11. Does it live in the sea? (tengerben él)
  12. Does it live in a hot country? (meleg országban él?)
  13. Does it live in a cold country? (hideg országben él?)

Is it....?

  1. Is it a mammal?
  2. Is it big? (nagy?)
  3. Is it small? (kicsi?)
  4. Is it tame? (szelíd?)
  5. Is it wild? (vad?)
  6. Is it dangerous? (veszélyes?)
  7. Is it brown (barna)/ grey (szürke) / black (fekete) / white (fehér)/ yellow (sárga) / red (vörös)/ green (zöld) ... ? .
  8. Is it stripy? (csíkos?)
  9. Is it spotty? (pöttyös?)

Can it ....?

  1. Can it fly ? (tud repülni?)
  2. Can it swim ? (tud úszni?)
  3. Can it run fast? (tud gyorsan futni?)
  4. Can it sting? (meg tud csípni?)
  5. Can it jump? (tud ugrani?)
  6. Can it kick hard? (tud nagyot rúgni?)
; echo

What ....?

  1. What sounds can it make? (milyen hangot ad)
  2. What colour is it?
  3. What does it eat?
' .

Where ... ?

  1. Where does it live? (hol lakik)

Does it have ...? Has it got...?

  1. Does it have legs? (van lába?)
  2. Has it got horns? (van szarva?)
  3. Does it have claws? (van karma?)
  4. Has it got trunk? (van ormánya?)
  5. Does it have big ears? (nagy füle van?)
  6. Has it got long hair? (hosszú szőre van?)
  7. Does it have a tail? (van farka?)
  8. Has it got a beak? (van csőre?)
  9. Does it have teeth? (van foga?)
  10. Has it got wings? (van szárnya?)


  1. How big is it?
  2. How tall is it?
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