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Build Your Own School

To keep a long story short
In my (LW) experience Education should be kept as simple as possible. Your homeschool should blossom but not develop into an unweildy monster

You Need

  1. A web server.

    Home printouts might help here and there, but a simple accessible resource library is the way to go. We use keyword searches where every word must match, to search for material.

  2. Server scripts

    We can give you these and install them for you or tell you how to install them.

  3. Database

    An SQL database needs to be created. This is because almost every homeschooling course involves submitted answers to questions.

Our Aim

To provide online courses for you that are wholesome and good for your students. If you see anything dodgy, please tell us and we will re-assess it and probably edit some of it.

Glossary of Related Terms

For a better understanding of the full workings of the graded homeschooling system and database, check out these terms. There is also an option of hosting these courses without a database. When these exercises are installed without a database, the answers are hidden from view until you click to view the answer.

Questions and Answers without a Database

  1. What day is it today? _______
  2. What's your IP address? _______
  3. What time did you load this web page? _______
We prefer the full database version because then parents can easily monitor progress and make sure that something is actually being achieved.
Model View Controller Database MySql Apache Server Hosting Company

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