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How Coursework Works

There are a number of key concepts which distinguish our study plans from other online study plans. Here are some key points :
  1. Student work is personally graded with tutor feedback
  2. Students can contact their tutor at any time.
  3. Frequent tutor support calls.
  4. Ease of access - Start the top and drill down to find


You can choose to enrol in any courses you can see on the site. Each course may have tasks and exercises for you to complete. You can check your progress by looking at your course grades.
Here is some technical information about the coursework system Study Tech - HELP
About Courses
Each course contains a set of exercises or assignments and may have a dedicated area of the site for content pages and resources in a directory of the content area.
Click here to read more about the technical aspects. Eg: The database and the key study concepts of englishtap.com
Notes about the questions data & question types
Each row on DB table et_question has an alpha char code in row['qtype'] which determines the kind of question and how it is rendered. Some question types are: Multiple choice question, text input, grouping items into sets and crossword puzzles. Since version 16x these have been set up into a table et_question_types . This is more consistent and reliable and allows :
  1. Control over turning on and off certain question types while software is modified.
  2. Style and software to be associated with each question type.

    Eg: PHP methods to use on each quetion type.

Your current framework is : biscuits-20k

Courses are graded on submitted work. The following types of submitted work may contribute towards your final course grade.

These are the various forms of question. Note: Each type may have dependant data rows. EG: Multiple choice types r & s select from a multiple choice set of possibilites and require these options as joined rows on table_parts

Questions are rendered by the exercise methods function
Pages that contain exercises should have keywords to search and find those pages.

Some Points to Consider

  • i Simple HTML input element to submit an answer
  • m Grouping into sets including matching up pairs of items using onclick
    This is a matching exercise. so can be used for exercises of the type Match 1-5 to a-e
    Matching View : question-qtype-m This example : Matching or search for matching
  • m Radio Button select from options
  • s Select from SQL result set
  • o Select from list of options

    A drop down select may be prefered over radio buttons sometimes when the question is embedded into page content.

  • t Text area element
    This is graded by a tutor. The tutor reads the text and assigns a grade manually. This is used for essay type submissions.
  • x Cross Word Puzzle Crossword View question-form-crossword We can search for crosswords There aren't many yet.

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