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Help with Student Grades

The main grade report shows grades for all courses.

URL Examples for Specific Grade Reports

By typing directly into the Browser address bar, you can quickly get the grade report you need. See these examples:
URL Syntax : /course/grades/USERID/CID/EID
(If no userid is given then it will look only at you or sid : Array)
  1. All your grades as Visitor /course/grades
  2. All grades in the members course 271 /course/grades/*/271
Various Grade Reports
  1. Grade reports apply to either:
    1. A single student; you Visitor or a student you are tutoring Array
    2. A group of students : (Currently we don't work this way and even in cases where you have a group of students, you must look at each in turn)
  2. Grade reports return counts relating either;
    1. All questions in attempted courses.
    2. Only the attempted questions
About Coursework A number of exercises in each course go towards your course grades. These exercises have questions in a variety of formats, so that your total grade for a course depends on the sum of all these submissions.
Each submission should post data into the general course grades tables : Click here or on the Grades icon below, for a full report of all your study.

Graded work formats

All question formats are now stored within the same TABLE scheme. Including multiple-choice, gap fills , submissions and others.

Course exercises may have multiple choice questions mixed and matched with other question formats into the same exercise.

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