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Automatic login is cookie & server session based. 1st check that your site englishtap.com has been configured for autologin. When you return to the site and load your first page with a new session or when you click on the auto-login gateway, a script biscuits-login.js autoLogin() runs. which also requires biscuits-ajax.js If the cookie token matches the a token on the database, the system will log you on as the user in that row found on the database with the same token as your cookie. Each new pageload calls the site's root /boot code to check whether you are logged in or not. bootstrap-cookie-profile.php Automatic login occurs when the system's bootMethods detects a new session starting and then finds a login cookie. That cookie is checked against the visitors database record. If a cookie found by JS biscuits-login.js matches tokens found on the user_tokens table, login is achieved by /member/login/TOKEN

The new auto-login has no page redirects & so no longer has to save the target landing page, because we remain on that page while auto-login executes. Cookies are now saved in biscuits-login.js See the new JS loginOb.autoLogin();


Auto-login results in a redirect page load. This has to avoid a continuous loop
Details on summary click. view "comment-thread-details" for this thread help_login-auto

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