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Question Type Counts

Some question types may not appear here until at least one question of that type exists
7089 Simple HTML input element to submit an answer 
Multiple Choice Radio Buttons 
Picture Choice 
Text Area Submission 
1205 Wordties Card 
Crossword Puzzle 

Question Types with Help Documentation

  1. g qtype-g.php Put items into 2 or more sets
  2. i qtype-i.php Simple HTML input element to submit an answer
  3. m qtype-m.php Multiple Choice Radio Buttons
  4. o qtype-o.php Select From Options
  5. p qtype-p.php Picture Choice
  6. s qtype-s.php Select from SQL Result Set
  7. t qtype-t.php Text Area Submission
  8. x qtype-x.php Crossword Puzzle

Question Types on the Database

  1. g Put items into 2 or more sets has a help document qtype-g
  2. i Simple HTML input element to submit an answer has a help document qtype-i
  3. m Multiple Choice Radio Buttons has a help document qtype-m
  4. o Select From Options has a help document qtype-o
  5. p Picture Choice has a help document qtype-p
  6. s Select from SQL Result Set has a help document qtype-s
  7. t Text Area Submission has a help document qtype-t
  8. w No document for type w questions qtype-w.php
  9. x Crossword Puzzle has a help document qtype-x
Question data can be loaded via a combination of these devices:
  1. The URL segments.

    This method has the drawback that the answer may be clearly visible.

    For this reason, only question ids are generally passed via the URL.

    We don't have questions based entirely on the URL, although that would be possible to develop and might have a good purpose.

  2. A QID (Question id) to the database.
  3. An array of data passed into a view file.

    This method has the advantage that related data, such as the correct answer, can be hidden from view. Data can be passed in session and post data.

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