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Question Feedback - HELP

Tutors can add feedback to any questions. Feedback corresponds to attempts !! et_question_answer stores both the feedback for this particular attempt ( response ) and the score students get for this response. ( Usually boolean 0 or 1 - correct or incorrect )

Adding Feedback to questions

  1. As a tutor, go to a page with questions set up. If you are logged on as a tutor, a link or button should appear below each question.
  2. Click this Add hint link and a pop-up form should appear.
  3. Write your hint and submit.

Question Feedback - DB Storage

The feedback is stored in the database. Feedback can be entered to correspond to all answers given, whether they be correct or not.
  1. et_question_answer ans_feedback

Table et_question_answer "marks" each attempt as correct or not correct, or in some cases grades this attempt.
Feedback is feedback to a particular student's attempt to a question.

Feedback is not related to the question itself, and so can't be part of the fixQuestion() form.
there are two tutor data forms for questions:
  1. fixQuestionForm()

    Edit the question and any question parts ( Multiple-choice or question parts )

  2. attemptFeedbackForm()

    Provide feedback for a particular response. Note: If other students reponses match this response, they will also access this same feedack.

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