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Notes about the questions data & question types
Each row on DB table et_question has an alpha char code in row['qtype'] which determines the kind of question and how it is rendered. Some question types are: Multiple choice question, text input, grouping items into sets and crossword puzzles. Since version 16x these have been set up into a table et_question_types . This is more consistent and reliable and allows :
  1. Control over turning on and off certain question types while software is modified.
  2. Style and software to be associated with each question type.

    Eg: PHP methods to use on each quetion type.

Your current framework is : biscuits-19s

Courses are graded on submitted work. The following types of submitted work may contribute towards your final course grade.

These are the various forms of question. Note: Each type may have dependant data rows. EG: Multiple choice types r & s select from a multiple choice set of possibilites and require these options as joined rows on table_parts

Questions are rendered by the exercise methods function
Pages that contain exercises should have keywords to search and find those pages.

Some Points to Consider

  • i Simple HTML input element to submit an answer
  • m Grouping into sets including matching up pairs of items using onclick
    This is a matching exercise. so can be used for exercises of the type Match 1-5 to a-e
    Matching View : question-qtype-m This example : Matching or search for matching
  • m Radio Button select from options
  • s Select from SQL result set
  • o Select from list of options

    A drop down select may be prefered over radio buttons sometimes when the question is embedded into page content.

  • t Text area element
    This is graded by a tutor. The tutor reads the text and assigns a grade manually. This is used for essay type submissions.
  • x Cross Word Puzzle Crossword View question-form-crossword We can search for crosswords There aren't many yet.
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