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There are various types of question. Each type of question can be retrieved from the database and presented via a view file or presented directly via the view file after some adhoc creation of the question data. Note: Only questions that exist on the database can have their submitted answers graded. Use this button to check the various Question Types

PHP loadView calls from exerciseMethods->renderQuestion(QID,CONTAINER)

This must match the PHP code in exerciseMethods->renderQuestion(QID,CONTAINER);
  • 1 selfContained question-container

    Various wrapper and buttons containing question-type-switch as below:

  • 2 !selfContained
    • 2.1 question-type-switch
      • 2.1.g
      • 2.1.i
        We need to isolate the input part here to re-use in wordties
      • 2.1.m & r question-parts-radio
      • 2.1.o
      • 2.1.p Select the correct picture(s) view: question-qtype-p
      • 2.1.t
      • 2.1.w
        Word Ties
      • 2.1.x
Coursework DB tables All course work is stored on a single set of tables on the database. A variety of different question types Question table column qtype and assignments are stored on these database tables. Coursework is divided from the top down into courses, exercises and questions, such that questions may be anything which requires a response. For example an essay might be a question asking students to enter a blog post link into a single input field.
Content pages and the exercises A web directory will belong to a single course and each page will be considered as an exercise.
Multi-part Questions
A essay or thesis may convieniently be submitted as a simple input, where the writer provides a link to a blog post or article that they have authored. Most course work questions will consist of a single HTML input or textarea.
However, some questions are made up of a series of related inputs or a set of inputs. For example;
  1. Crossword puzzles Hopefully more are on their way soon
  2. Word Walks, whereby a given word has to be changed step by step, following rules, such as You can change only one letter to make the next word.. Hopefully more are on their way soon
Rendering Questions using a URL

Browser Address Bar : URL

If you know the question number, the question can be rendered directly onto a web page using URL /question/QUESTION_ID

View controller question->deal(QID)

The PHP Question Renderer

The actual question renderer is :
PHP this->exerciseMethods->renderQuestion(QID)


AJAX posts via this->exerciseMethods->doQuestion() to this->exerciseMethods->renderQuestion(QID)

Using text @tokens: from Blogs and plain html

Single Questions

@qidNNN or @qidNNN! (for inline minimal questions ) Renders a form in view file question-qtype-i-form <form action="" onsubmit="return(questionSubmitAttempt(this));">
PHP Render Whole exercise $this->loadView('exercise-control', array('eid' => 27,'preLoad'=>true));

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