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1 - Subscriptions

Email addresses are subscribed, not site members. Site members have an email address on their profile and that address is recorded in the subscription.

The subscribers table stores only an id to the subscription and so when the subscribe-button view is used, the plan is passed in for lookup on the subscription_plans table.

2 - Placing a subscription button on a page Each subscription button opens up a hidden subscription form. The subscription form allows you to change the status of this subscription from either or .
Subscription buttons can be placed on a page with the following PHP code: Styled
$subscribed = $this->loadView('subscribe-button',array('plan'=>PLAN_ID),true);
# viewFiles can return values. This one returns a boolean indicating whether or not you are subscribed.
# If you are signed on your profile email address is used
# If you are not signed on ( MEMBER == false) then the button can't tell you whether you are subscribed or not.
3 - Subscription form submit Only one subscription pop-up form can be submitted at a time. When submitted, a new DB row is created in the table subscribers
Each subscribe button is actually a PHP view file that will post back to it's own page. Each button when loaded will pick up any previous post data and do the subscription DB update.
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