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Tasks are open to anyone who can help. Use the text chat or comments or contact form to let us know if you are ready and able to join us. 💬 Tasks are in order of most recently edited, so that you can always see the current work right at the top of the list. Tasks may involve social work as well as web development fixes.

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1 wordties-quick-cut
2 js-css-needs-moving
3 word-games
4 etbot
5 stop-the-bots
6 redirect-infinite-loop
7 course-grades
8 path-links-validated-404
9 podcasts-and-audio-player
10 essential-work
11 access-restrictions
12 mobile-phones
13 login-automatically
14 chat-select-conversation
15 remove-email-address
16 get-user-media
17 profile-photo
18 view-not-download
19 dp-date-picker
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