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Wordties Help Document

Modified this week Modified : December 1, 2021, 9:24 am
1 Playing Wordties

Wordties are a kind of question card with a single word answer that needs to be typed in on the app or web page or called out in the card game version.

2 - Clues

Questions have four clue word parts. The player looks at the various clues, including images and audio and tries to find the one word that connects to all the clue words.

These clue parts do not have the multiple choice radio buttons activated, but they offer text and audio hints. The player should type in a single word answer.

After an incorrect attempt the screen fades away and that question may remain unavailable for a set time. So stop guessing! this is a slow thoughtful game.
3 Example Wordties Card Each card is basically a simple question. Find the word
It's a kind of vocabulary activity based on collocations. That is how words are joined together. Not grammatically joined together, but the the way words generally collocate. EXAMPLE GAME CARD IMAGE

4 Images

In each wordties set, there will be images which are specific to a card and other generic images, such as background images that are used throughout the whole game pack.
This example shows background images overlaid with text and other images to form a card.
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