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Last Updated October 28, 2021, 9:11 am
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Nappy Alarm

Practice the Advanced Exam with these Mock Tests. See how you do before the real exam.

Nappy Alarm

1 Form the correct words from the words in brackets. Some babies bawl when they have a wet nappy, others carry on gurgling ___ (content), leaving their mothers none the wiser and the baby at risk of nappy rash. Now novice British inventor, Paul Kimsey, has come up with a ___ (rely) alarm which warns parents when it's time to change their baby's wet nappy. The electronic device placed in the nappy alerts the parent by sounding a ___ (warn) bleeper carried on a belt or in a bag. Mr Kimsey, 36, came up with the idea seven years ago after witnessing the ___ (comfort) suffered by a relative's baby. He was ___ (able) to develop it at the time as he was too busy running the family car mat manufacturing business. He has fine-tuned his idea ___ (consider) since that first ___ (brain)
bawl Search our site for bawl
brawl Search our site for brawl
nappy Search our site for nappy
nappy rash
diaper Search our site for diaper
none the wiser
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