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Last Updated October 17, 2021, 8:53 am
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Grammar check: articles

Articles (a/an/the) are a subgroup of thedeterminers. Other determiners include: some, his, that, ...

Read the grammar rules and then do the exercises on this page to practice. Grammar Focus

1 An article or article "A" (A/An?)

Remember : It's the sound that counts Not the first letter.
Remember from the grammar focus that we use "an" when the following noun phrase starts with a vowel sound.

Put thecorrect indefinite article before each of these words.

  1. advert,
  2. commercial,
  3. strategy,
  4. USB ,
  5. university,
  6. VIP,
  7. hour,
  8. European,
  9. account,
  10. MBA,
  11. employee,
  12. endorsement,

2 Article or No Article

Read this text and decide for each gap if you need to add anything or leave it blank.

Ronaldinho breaks through thePane Barrier - London Evening Standard

Ronaldinho smashed (1) ____ window in (2) ____ centuries-old cathedral of Santiago de Compostela while filming (3) ____ television advert today.

Luckily for theBarcelona star, (4) ____ window was only small, modern addition to Spain's most famous pilgrims' shrine, in Galicia.

(5) ____ Brazilian blundered after being asked to try (6) ____ scissor-kick beneath (7) ____ cathedral's 12th century Portico de la Gloria (Portal of Glory).

"I asked Ronaldinho to hit (8) ____ ball as hard as he could and he had (9) ____ bad luck to hit (10) ____ window," said (11) ____ advert's director Emil Samper. "It was my fault." Almost as soon as (12) ____ gorilla television commercial for Dairy Milk chocolate was first shown on (13) ____ 31st August.

3 Sentences

Decide whether these sentences have grammar mistakes related to thearticles or not.

  1. Knowledge of advertising code of practice is vital to those wishing to work in advertising industry.
  2. We want to film a TV commercial in Russia.
  3. The Think small. Volkswagen Beetle advert was one of most successful advertising campaigns of 20th century.
  4. Four major brands ; AOL, Yahoo, Freeserve and BT ; all achieve awareness of over 40% amongst UK adult population.
  5. Next year, I am going to work for an advertising agency in USA.

4 The Weather Cube

For each gap. Add the correct article or leave it blank (empty = no article).
What's (1) ___ weather doing? We don't have to watch (2) ___ weather report to find out - all we need to do is look at our weather cubes. Currently (3) ___ most popular gadget in Japan, (4) ___ battery-powdered device is (5) ___ four-inch cube which can predict (6) ___ weather up to eight hours in advance. (8) ___ cube gives (7) ___ 12- to 24-hour forecast via easy-to-read symbols- clouds, rain, sun - displayed on (9) ___ LCD screen. (10) ___ device can predict (11) ___ rain, features (12) ___ snow possibility alarm, and will even display sunrise and sunset times in cities around (13) ___ world. Would you go on (14) ___ picnic without one? (15) ___ weather cube is (16) ___ essential travel accessory.
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Fill thegaps or leave them blank. (the/a/an/ )
They say (1) __ apple (2) __ day keeps (3) __ doctor away, but I don't believe them. I like (4) __ bananas. I think (5) __ banana (6) __ day will do (7) __ better job of keeping (8) __ doctor away. (9) __ bananas are full of (10) __ good things. For example, eating (11) __ banana before you exercise can give you enough energy for (12) __ 90-minute workout. If you are anemic, you should know that (13) __ bananas are high in (14) __ iron. If you have (15) __ high blood pressure, eating (16) __ banana will help regulate your (17) __ potassium. In fact, (18) __ US Food and Drug Administration makes (19) __ official claim that (20) __ fruit can help reduce (21) __ risk of (22) __ heart attack or stroke. If you are feeling down, eating (23) __ bananas can help that too! (24) __ bananas contain (25) __ tryptophan, (26) __ type of protein that converts to (27) __ serotonin, (28) __ "feel-good" chemical in thebrain. Of course, (29) __ are full of (30) __ fiber, which can help you control (31) __ number of calories you consume and help regulate (32) __ digestive system. So, I think (33) __ saying should be, (34) " __ apple and (35) __ banana (36) __ day will keep (37) __ doctor away." Shouldn't that be (38) __ apple a day, keeps thedoctor away" ?
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Look at therules below for theuse of thedefinite article (the). Either make up or find from thetext above one example for each rule.

EXAMPLE: a) They sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.

We use thedefinite article (the):

  1. with rivers oceans/seas
  2. with superlatives
  3. when there is only one thing
  4. with particular nouns when it is clear what we are talking about
  5. with previously mentioned things.
Look at the rules below for the use of the indefinite articles (a/an). Either make up or find from the text above one example for each rule.
We use the indefinite article (a/an) with:
  1. jobs
  2. singular countable nouns (mentioned for thefirst time or when it doesn't matter which one).
    We use thezero article with:
  3. most streets, towns, countries, mountains etc.
  4. uncountable, plural and abstract nouns used in their general sense.
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