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Last Updated November 7, 2021, 11:10 am
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Missing Words

For question 1-16 find the missing words in the spaces. Use only one word for each space.

Danger If someone pushes you off a clifftop don't look down, because as soon as you realise that there's no ground under your feet, you are duty bound to pull a glum face and then drop like a stone with an almighty crash when you hit the ground in a pile of dust.


Where Have All The Good Cartoons Gone?

Childhood will (1) ____ be the same again. Remember Saturday mornings spent lounging on the sofa, hour (2) ____ hour, watching your favourite cartoons? (3) ____ there have been a better reward for the long school week that had had to be endured? Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse brought virtually live into (4) ____ living rooms. Back then, they were in black and white, and back then, they were meant to amuse, to entertain.

It seems (5) ____ has changed - and definitely (6) ____ the worse. Now when you turn on the television on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you do (7) ____ at your own risk! Be prepared to confront violence in all its animated glory: exploding bombs, falling buildings, blazing weapons, and bad guy after bad guy. I don't see (8) ____ is funny about this warped vision of our times and our society. (9) ____ do I see what's worth watching on these programmes with (10) ____ gruesome caricatures of good and evil. Who is responsible for children's programming these days?

It cannot be good for today's youth to be exposed (11) ____ this type of entertainment. (12) ____ best they are missing out (13) ____ the humour, sensitivity and moral lessons that were to be had from the cartoons of old. At worst, their childish brains are (14) ____ filled with scenes of non-stop violence and ideas that are morally corrupt. Childhood should be a time of innocence, short-lived as it (15) ____ be in these turbulent times in which we live. Perhaps we should bear this in mind the next time we see our child glued (15) ____ the TV on a Saturday morning. Show
Mouse Duck Dog Dog ALT IMG OG

Cartoon Questions

IMG popeye
  1. Who's your favourite?
  2. Why do you like them?
  3. What do they do that's so funny?
Speaking Topics

Do you know these characters?

Guess the Cartoon Character audio muttley Cartoon

Cartoons and Puppets in Culture

Puppets and cartoons have a special immunity to behavioural correction and discipline. Like the old court jesters, they can freely show us what we might like to do ourselves but are not allowed to do because we fear social correction.

Notice that some cartoon characters are allowed to viscously attack those they don't agree with, both physically and verbally. These days, we are not allowed to even gently slap someone in response to something they did. The globalists want to remove all peer pressure completely. Citizens are to be simple slaves of the state, without and ability to express opinions on the behaviour of others.



Describing People using Animal Metaphors

How could these words be used to describe a person?

  1. scavenger
  2. parasite
  3. rotten tomatoes
  1. ..... on society
  2. .....
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