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Last Updated October 31, 2021, 8:08 am
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Cupid's Target - (error correction - extra word)

In most lines of the text there is one unnecessary word. It is either grammatically incorrect or does not fit in with the sense of the text. For each numbered line 1-16 find these words and underline them. Some lines are correct.
0 √ Why is the heart the organ that represents love? In some ancient religions
00 it was regarded as the place where the spirit dwelled on and in the West it
  1. has always been associated with the moral courage. In medieval Europe the
  2. hearts of monarchs were often buried in the lands they had conquered
  3. and their bodies returned them to the places they had come from. A flaming
  4. heart was a frequent symbol in Western art of religious intensity and saints'
  5. hearts have become revered relics. Strangely, until the seventeenth century
  6. no one knew what the anatomical function of the heart really was being. It
  7. was the English surgeon William Harvey, who after years of research into.
  8. he discovered that it was a rather simple pump. Even after Harvey announced
  9. his discovery in 1628 the romantic mystery surrounding the heart grew up
  10. rather than diminished it. Poets like Shakespeare were increasingly inclined
  11. to use it as a metaphor for love. In the second half of the nineteenth century
  12. it became so fashionable to put stylised images of the heart as a symbol of
  13. romantic love on cards. Today modern medical science can mimic the
  14. mechanics of the heart to save some lives. It is, after all, just a pumping
  15. muscle. But try telling that to the broken hearted. They know where does
  16. love lies.

Open Cloze

Complete the following article by writing each missing word in the spaces. Use only one word for each space. The exercise begins with an example (0).

Making the Most of Carnival

Carnival is definitely (0) not a spectator sport. It's very difficult to really get (1) _______ away by the atmosphere (2) _______ you are taking part yourself and by that I mean (3) _______ a disguise of some kind, even if it's nothing (4) _______ than a mask or a funny hat. In fact, the (5) _______ of people who do not bother to dress up is usually fairly small, so you (6) _______ almost certainly be conspicuous out of fancy dress. You are bound to regret not (7) _______ gone to a bit of trouble when you see everybody else having the time (8) _______ their lives. Ask a friend to lend (9) _______ a costume if you do not have (10) _______ You (11) _______ even find that they are available for hire somewhere. If all else fails, you (12) _______ always improvise with old sheets and clothes. After all, you don't (13) _______ to look spectacular, elegant or beautiful, but you (14) _______ try to enter into the spirit of the festivities if you want to enjoy (15) _______
Show 3 Make noun phrases for the following.
  1. wool taken from lambs
  2. the entrance where artists enter a theatre
  3. a show where boats are displayed
  4. a degree that takes three years to finish
  5. a sauce made with cheese
  6. a ceiling in a living-room
  7. a choir for children
  8. the tail on a rabbit
  9. the national monuments found in Poland
  10. a door on a cupboard
4 Complete these noun phrases in as many ways as you can think of.
  1. a bowl of _______
  2. a carton of _______
  3. a herd of _______
  4. a set of _______
  5. a bunch of _______
  6. a clove of _______
  7. a packet of _______
  8. a litter of _______
Get the noun phrases right. Not A set of chess But a chess set Noun Phrases
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