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Last Updated October 7, 2021, 5:07 pm
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In this text, the writer has often misused the word strongly. Correct the wrong collocations using adverbs from the box. use each adverb once only.

bitterly - strictly - deeply - utterly

Everyone was complaining strongly when they heard about the new plan. people were strongly forbidden to use the sports ground and most people were strongly opposed to the new rules. Even people who normally never expressed an opinion were strongly appalled by the proposals.

Correct the eight collocation errors in the text.

In the morning I made some work in the garden, then I spent a rest for about an hour before going out to have some shopping in town. It was my sister's birthday and I wanted to do a special effort to cook a nice meal for her. I gave a look at a new Thai cookery book in the bookshop and decided to buy it. It was some totally easy recipes and I managed to do a good impression with my first Thai meal. I think my sister utterly enjoyed her birthday. Show
Correct the nine collocation errors in this paragraph
Last year I got a new job and started gaining a lot more money. I realised I could afford to use more money on my holiday than I usually do and decided to pass a month in Australia. I know it would be hot there and so I wouldn't need to carry warm clothes with me. In fact, I used a t-shirt and jeans all the time I was there. I carried a hat all the time too, of course, to protect me from the sun. It was fantastic there. I passed a week sightseeing in Sydney and then stayed the rest of the time travelling around the country. I even did my lifelong ambition of stroking a koala. Show
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