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Last Updated November 15, 2021, 1:22 pm
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1 - Language of Approximation

2 - Tom Dick and Harry

What does this mean? Isn't it a contradiction "Every Tom, Dick and Harry is called John" - Joke

3 - Gap Filling

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Mind the gap. There are far more dangerous worries in the modern city. Complete these sentences using one or two words in each gap.
  1. He (made ; gave ; delivered) ____ a very positive impression on the interview panel.
  2. No one has been able to resolve the ____ of what to do with nuclear waste.
  3. He made me ____ so stupid when he showed them all the old photographs.
  4. By the fourth lap Criville had already ____ a considerable advantage over the other riders.
  5. After her marriage broke up she couldn't ____ her doubts about her ability to sustain a relationship.
  6. Having a decent breakfast really ____ a difference to the way I feel half way through the morning.
  7. You can trust John. He always ____ his word.
  8. He ____ the promotion he'd been wanting for years.
  9. After two months of not allowing herself to so much as smile she finally ____ some control over the class.
  10. He got into some sort of ____ with the authorities and they refused to renew his residence permit.
  11. She gained invaluable ____ working with her father in the summer holidays.
  12. We resolved ____ on better together.
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