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Last Updated November 5, 2021, 9:29 am
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The Zero Conditional.

What is zero conditional

Zero Conditional: Certainty
The Zero conditional is used for things that are always true as long as the condition is met.

Form of zero conditional

The condition tense may be:

  1. present simple
    Water boils if heated to one-hundred degrees centigrade.
  2. present perfect
    When I have finished painting, I always clean my brushes.
  3. passive
    If (it IS) shone through a prism, a beam of light splits into the colours of the rainbow. (To shine , shone, shone)
Note: Shone is the past participle and is pronounced ʇ ɒ n

Since the result will or should always occur, we often use When instead of if in the condition.


In these examples, there is a connection between the condition and the result. the result will/should always occur if the condition is met, so the time is not important.

  1. If I have a stomachache, I always take pills.
  2. When I give my dog a bone, he buries it
  3. If I get to work late, my boss gets angry
  4. If you want a reciept, press the button
  5. If I don't eat, I get hungry
  6. If I miss the eight o'clock bus, I am late for work
  7. If I have time, I study English
  8. When you switch it on, nothing happens.
  9. If you are coming to the game, bring a jacket in case it's cold.
  10. You can go out to play, if your room is tidy.
  11. When you have finished all your work, you can leave.
  12. If you buy cheap products, you shouldn't expect them to be high quality.
  13. Unless you have worked with him, you won't realise how difficult he can be.
  14. When I have finished painting, I always clean my brushes thoroughly.
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