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Last Updated October 26, 2021, 12:51 pm
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Complete the following article. use only one word for each space.

Celebrating summer

All-couples day, Midsummer, Thing-Tide, Vestalia, call it (1) _____ you will, the Summer Solstice - normally celebrated (2) _____ the 21st of June in the northern hemisphere - has long been (3) _____ day for rejoicing and (4) _____ part in seasonal festivities.

June 21st is the longest day of the year, and is therefore the day (5) _____ the most hours of daylight. This alone was (6) _____ to make our prehistoric ancestors happy. In addition to the extra hours of light, (7) _____ , it was also a day that symbolically marked the end of the long cold winter - a season (8) _____ meant hardship and hunger to those who had no choice (9) _____ to rely on the land and its produce for (10) _____ livelihood.

(11) _____ these early peoples, this time of year also had religious and spiritual importance. Summer was seen (12) _____ the season of fertility and growth - the time of the sowing and cultivation of crops. It was (13) _____ the favoured time for young couples to wed. Aspects of this tradition are (14) _____ seen today. The full moon in June is referred to as the honey moon and from this we (15) _____ named the celebratory trip that newlyweds go on that (16)_____ ,of course, the honeymoon. ShowMore Gap Fills
summer seasons
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