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Last Updated October 26, 2021, 11:53 am
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Complete the following article by writing the missing words in the spaces. Use only one word for each space.

Computer wise

(1) _______ the day we feel our children (2) _______ capable of understanding, we begin educating them (3) _______ the perils ever-present in our modern world. We teach (4) _______ that they must never cross the road (5) _______ looking both ways, accept lifts from strangers, or take sweets from people they don't know; the list (6) _______ on and on.

(7) _______ light of these warning, isn't it ironic that we (8) _______ ignore one of the biggest threats of all .... the Internet? In this age of the PC - (9) _______ every house has one - we as parents often fail in (10) _______ duty to protect our children from tis potential source of danger.

Just (11) _______ we supervise what our little ones - and (12) _______ so little ones - watch on television, we should (13) _______ be aware of what they're doing while they're surfing the Net. Of course, we can't be forever looking over their shoulders when they're online, but there are ways (14) _______ increasing Internet safety. using software to filter and block what young users (15) _______ access, warning children against giving out any personal information, and talking openly about cyber hazards, are a (16) _______ of the really important first steps. ShowMore Gap Fills
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