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Last Updated September 21, 2021, 1:14 pm
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Organic Referral System

An organically growing search and referral system.

Working Together - Not Against

Saville Row , Shoe shop , Harley Street

Back Chat for each referral

The system is driven by referral links and responses. Each referral gets a response that passes back a page suggestion with a set of keywords. This backchat may not be related to the referral. The backchat passes data back to the referrer with further information about another page and its associated keywords. Thus, the database of keywords and related landing pages organically grows across all participating sites.

Protocol and Scheme

A simple protocol should be adopted by all participating sites: This will involve capturing data from 'backchat' to feed a local database that will provide search results according to the keyword match protocol.

URL Syntax Example

Place a URL on your site that refers to a page on another site as follows:
The target page should load the target page but and return some relevant 'backchat' data that our site can store for future searches.
<a href="https://www.leonwooldridge.co.uk?sender=https://englishtap.com/library/HumanSocieties/Politics/ControlSystems/organic-referral"> Referral </a>  

Data Structure

Just a table or two connecting keywords with URLs. You need a SQL select to match All given keywords This is important. Our search is intended to find something specific and not just fall into a swamp of so called 'sponsored links' We call that corruption. A search should have AN ANSWER The answer should be the same answer every time for the same data.
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