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biscuits-18n/metronome/questions.php Last Updated: October 24, 2020, 10:13 am
  1. URLs are easy to hack. I could manually modify v1=1 to v1='apple' and make the page crash with parsing error

    Not really. I'll explain later

  2. Should we have defined presets in the URL so that simple voice patterns for common drum rhythms etc., can be added more easily though the URL as : page.com?OHH1=1&CHH1=1&BD1=1&SD1=1

    Great idea ASCII_THUMS_UP

  3. High hat sounds and other voices vary the volume of strikes. Do we need to add a volume property on each strike ?

    No, we don't. True. The volume of each strike can vary, but if we add another voice using the same sound and set a volume for that whole voice instance, we can achieve the volume variation we need while keeping more control over the whole ensemble pattern. For example, we would be able to turn off parts of the high hat that are on a separate voice pattern row.

  4. What are we offering over and above what is offerred on this web site free-online-metronome.com

    Maybe they don't use the URL get data to easily store the ensemble rhythm pattern.

  5. I have checked more midi files and I would re-specify stage 2 in the followings: - hi hats don't have rests, they could be periodic 8th, 16th or 32th - bass drum and snare could be configured together, e.g. when bass drum has rest snare beats in

    can you define the data structures of the pre-sets accordingly?

  6. Heres another example and now I have an idea how it could be done for stage 2, the user only defines the rthytm of bass drum notes and we (optionally - if the user wants) automatically fill up the rest notes with acoustic snare ... so it means the user only has to specify one rhythm pattern (for bass drum notes) and we do the rest for the other notes (snare) - with this simplified way we cover 85% of pop/rock/dance music and most people can use this, my midi keyboard does not allow more options either, humans can do anything but we write software which is limited to typical use cases (thats the purpose of stage 2 to provide some presets/examples for users)


  7. one preset for jazz is called "Fox Trot", do you know that? which bass drum, snare and high hats are involved in that rhytm?