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getUserMedia() Voice Chat Voice Room & Voice Recorder via microphone access
Wordties Quick Cut The wordties activity allows a quick click to copy and poaste the words into a chat message. Clues will also have this cut and paste ability.
September 2021 Course Certificates
Some submitted coursework can now be assigned a percentage score rather than be marked correct or incorrect by the system. Typically these questions are <textarea> types or blog post links. Basically any question that requires intelligent marking will not be marked by an unintelligent computer. 😇
September 2021 Course Certificates
It's much easier to work through a course using the course list . Every course now has a trophy icon that looks like 🏆 This links to your certificate page for that course and show all the exercises that you have been working on. When you have reached the pass mark, you will see your certificate at the bottom of the course.
May 2021 - Moving content into a new library & subjects area
We are separating the reading material into general reference library 📖 material and course work texts. 📚

This re-organisation might take some weeks, but over time you will see that the content area will only contain academic study material and there will be a growing general library area.

If you are not sure what work to do, you can ask by sending a message in the conference or chat.

While you are waiting, try to improve your ranking on the wordties vocabulary score board.
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Run Your Own School
Tutors: If you are interested in tutoring your friends and family or generally helping out, Contact us
Create a private school for close friends. We can set you up so that you can keep your own list of friends and family and work with them here in complete privacy from the rest of the world. To get started on this Contact us
Calling all artists Artists can send us images of their own work, which we will show on the site as credited works with links to your own web site. If you supply a logo, your logo may randomly appear at the top of pages to open your gallery on englishtap.com
Telegram & ZOOM Quiz Time
Do you have a group of friends who might be interested in an online quiz conference ? Contact us in the chat if you do.
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