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Benefits of Membership

Sign up and get a lot for free and much more on subscription.

All academic content 📚 is for signed up members only. It's free to sign up and enrol for courses and submit your work, but if you want tutoring, you will need to upgrade or join a school.

  1. You can study graded coursework with help from online tutors.
  2. You can post chat messages to tutors asking for:
    1. Grammar corrections
    2. Advice

Public Library

There is a public library 📖 here, which is open to the public. See 📖 at the top of each page.

If you can't find what you are looking for in the library and you have tried the search, just send us a message in the chat or on the contact page.

This separation of content will help home schoolers more easily find their course work study material. Course work content pages will be linked to exercises and grade reports.

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