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SELECT * FROM et_page_keywords k LEFT JOIN et_page d ON d.papp = k.kw_domain AND d.purl = k.kw_page LEFT JOIN et_page p ON p.papp = k.kw_domain AND p.purl = k.kw_dir LEFT JOIN et_likes l ON ( p.purl = l.link AND p.papp = l.lapp ) JOIN et_user u ON u.id= 1 LEFT JOIN et_links lk ON lk.shortcode = l.link LEFT JOIN et_user t ON t.id=l.setby WHERE kw_dir NOT LIKE "%\/\_%" AND kw_dir NOT LIKE "%\/\@%" AND keyword LIKE '%environment%' OR keyword LIKE '%environmented%' OR keyword LIKE '%environmenter%' OR keyword LIKE '%environmenting%' OR keyword LIKE '%environments%' GROUP BY kw_domain, kw_dir , kw_page LIMIT 200

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Matching environment environmented environmenter environmenting environments
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