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The ultimate Dog Tease

Listen to the video and fill in the gaps

Fill in the missing word gaps

Man Food

Man You know, I just couldn't stop _________

about it!

Dog Yeah?

Man So,

Dog Yeah?

Man So, you know. I went to the _________

Man ... and I opened up the meat _________

.. You know what the meat drawer is, right?

Dog Yes. What was _________


Man Well, I'll tell you what was in there.

Man You know that bacon that's like maple...

Man Got maple flavour.

Dog The maple _________


Man Yeah. So

Dog Yeah?

Man I took that out, and I thought..

Man I know who would like that.. Me!

Man So I _________


Dog Ahhhhhh! No!

Dog You're kidding me

Man Nope! Not kidding...

Man You know I also noticed there was some ... Beaf in there.

Man Yeah, you know.. Steak. You know, _________

Man Well I _________

that too.

Dog Ahhhhhh! Oh Oh !

Man But I went back to the fridge..

Man Just a few _________


Man and I put something together really _________

Man You're going to love this one...

Man I took some _________

Dog Yeah?

Man I put some

Dog Yeah?

Man Yeah, I put some _________

on it.

Man Covered it with ...

Dog Covered it with what?

Man Covered it with cat treats

Man Then guess what?

Dog What?

Man I gave it to the _________

Dog Nahhhhh!


Click the words to check the dictionary

  1. fridge
  2. thinking
  3. draw NOUN - Part of a item of furniture
  4. ate
  5. draw
  6. drawer
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