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Last Updated October 25, 2021, 10:58 am
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AI Brain Implant

Notes Only - Full Article Coming Soon
Artificial intelligence (AI) already influences our lives. Companies use it to help select job applicants. AI is also listening to your private conversations, even when you are not using your computer or phone. Global corporations are intrusively searching for any information that might help them predict your buying patterns. As international businesses don't have your best interests at heart, they undoubtedly use this ill-gotten information for political control as well as to control business.
Some scientists have become to detached from reality that they are even suggesting that we have AI implanted under our skulls in the form of a small disk shaped chip integrated to our brain! Rather than tackling the obvious concerns of such an idea, Elon Musk has tried to sell this idea as a harmless convenience toy.
The very thought of human brain chips would wreak horror in the minds of most normal people. I use the term "normal" here to mean anyone who is not insane. So, AI has very quickly shown that it may become extremely dangerous and yet some suggest that the solution is to plug it directly into your brain. Imagine if you had a wooden house sufferng from a termite attack. Would you call in pest control or would you allow the termites to nest in your ears? If you choose the second option, you might end up thinking "Termites are good" , but would that really be you thinking.
I for one would consider any kind of enhanced thought that originated from an AI implant to be worse than death. We all know this does not end well. All the sci-fi films involving robots or AI implants, invariably result in the victim try to desperately cut them out with some kind of rusty blade.
But rest assured. Elon Musk has said "If you hate it, you can have it removed and you will be indistinguishable from a normal pig". OK, he was testing on pigs, but does that fill you with confidence?
Current implants measure 23mm x 8mm and can be fitted flush with the underside of the human skull. They say that it will leave only a tiny scar. As if our main concern will be "I hope it looks good." or "Does it fit"?

We know it "fits" but what does it do.
Monitoring your health
Convenience - Like having your phone in your brain. You know! That device that you turn off because you don't want it to fry your brain. Will be in your head without an OFF switch.

The annoying device that allows a family member to accidentally send the whole extended family a private photo. But don't worry. Experts say that once the robot is in your brain, it will be totally regulated. Don't be a technophobe.

Remember how back in the 1950s, some people actually thought that the TV would be used to push political propaganda and brain wash people into buying products they don't need.

Hmmm? That's already happened now and it's way to late to prevent it. We think we live in a world of endless consumerism, but imagine if a tech company holding the remote control to your brain can simply buy things for you. All sorts of new big farmer "brain pills" could be sent directly to you while you sleep.

The future is bright indeed. Still. Not to worry. Just get a knife and cut it out. But how can you cut it out if it's in your brain?

What happens when we get close to a microwave or go through an airport scanner singing
"I'm a five-year-old reincarnation of a gay Egyptian Pharoah".
The Amish look better every day. Where are they?

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