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Last Updated September 21, 2019, 2:46 pm
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Good morning and welcome to our course on 'Business Management Today'. I hope you've all registered and obtained your name badges and information packs. I would like to point out some additional information and changes to the agenda you will find in your packs. The four seminar workshops are now as follows. Room Six - 'Marketing' Bishop's Hall One - 'Communications', which replaces 'Taxation'. Bishop's Hall Two - 'Strategic planning', which now includes small businesses, as well as large companies. Room Five - 'Human Resources'. I'll just run through that again. 'Marketing' is in Room Six. In Bishop's Hall One we have a change to the original programme, and 'Taxation' has been replaced by 'Communications'. Strategic planning' in Bishop's Hall Two now includes small businesses, and Room Five is 'Human Resources'. We will stay in the Convocation Hall for the first morning session, which runs from nine-thirty till eleven o'clock, when we shall all meet up in the Memorial Hall for coffee and biscuits. The eleven-thirty session will be held in Bishop's Hall One. A buffet lunch will be held in the self-service restaurant from one to two. We are hoping that this system will prove quicker than waitress service, and ensure a prompt start to the afternoon session which begins in Bishop's Hall Two at two o'clock and runs to three-thirty. please note, however, that we shall be in Room Five for the four to five-thirty session. Tea and biscuits will be brought to you between three-thirty to four o'clock. At five-thirty, we invite you all to the Assembly Hall for an hour's general forum There will be time for questions based on the day's session. This session in the Assembly Hall is intended to give you an opportunity to clarify any problem areas which may have arisen during the day and to ask any question you may have. There will be a general exhibition of books and resource materials in the Abbey Room, which will be open for the whole day. Anyone interested in purchasing any of the materials will be able to order them at the various stands. please feel free to visit the Abbey Room at any time during the day up until the Centre closes at seven-thirty pm. May I draw your attention to the fact that notes accompanying the seminars will be provided by the speakers. It is therefore not necessary...............

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