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Last Updated May 6, 2020, 12:33 pm
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Farage in Dover 2020

I’ve had an interesting 48 hours.
As you may have noticed, for some days now I have been drawing attention to the events that are happening on our South East coast. Over 1,000 illegal migrants have come in through Dover alone this year. So, I went down there myself to investigate early on Monday morning.
It is clear to me that this illegal migrant scandal is bigger than anybody realises. Our government should stop the boats from coming, not help them to shore as I witnessed. I have been ridiculed and sneered at by the North London commentators who would all prefer we look the other way. I believe it is they who are out of touch on this issue and not me.
Then late last night at 10pm, I received a knock on my door from Kent Police warning me off travelling to the coast to report on this scandal. Since the very start of lockdown, I have been worried about how some police forces would use their new unlimited discretionary powers. I am more concerned than ever. It seems to me that this visit was a total waste of police time and money, as I was there as part of my role as a commentator and broadcaster.
Over 7 million of you have watched my videos over the last week,
Video and the video I filmed in Dover is available to watch on Youtube now. Don’t forget to leave a comment and subscribe to my channel for more updates.
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