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Last Updated November 1, 2021, 6:58 pm
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Freak Tornado in London

1 - Adjectives

  1. How many adjectives can you use to describe each material. Make sentences for each.
    1. Glass
    2. Stone
    3. Iron
    4. Rubber
    5. Cloth
    6. Sand
  2. Is it impossible to bend glass?
  3. Can a flower be shattered?

2 Ripping through the streets

How many words do you know that describe damage?
Fill the gaps with suitable words.

A freak tornado ripped through a residential area of the capital today, tearing apart buildings and injuring six people.

The fleeting storm ripped tiles off roofs, pulled down fences and shattered windows as it hit Kensal Rise, in North-West London, at 11am this morning.

3 Some questions

  1. Shattered is a word describing damage. Make a list of all words which describe damage.
  2. What other kinds of area are there besides residential areas.
  3. Which word is the odd one out? a) rip b) tear c) shatter
  4. Which word is usually the most violent? a) rip b) tear.
  5. The word scratch can have other meanings besides damage. If you go "back to the drawing board", you have to start _____ scratch.
  1. The wall has completely _____
  2. The picture inside the bedroom is ______
  3. There's a lot of _____ in the street.

4 - All over in a flash

The first thing they noticed was the sky turning black. Then came the howling wind. In a few, terrifying seconds it gathered so much speed and power that nothing could stand in its way. Spiralling, funnelling clouds sucked up animals, glass, rubble, and debris in what one witness described as a scene from the Wizard of Oz. Then it sent them raining down like lethal confetti over ten or a dozen streets.

Strong gusts

The tornado was thought to have lasted less than a minute but the gusts in excess of 110 miles per hour left a trail of devastation along Chamberlayne Road.

Shattered glass

Fifteen-year-old Gavin Driscoll was thrown against a shop window with so much force that it shattered, while local resident Ed Solomons thought "it was the end of the world, right here in Kensal Rise"

Some Vocabulary of Damage

Damage Vocabulary
damage risk devastation harm
We use harm for things or people but we use damage only for things: Luckily no one was harmed in the accident, which damaged two buildings. Smoking can seriously damage your health.

Complete each sentence with the correct form of one of the words in the box.
  1. The oil spill caused a great deal of _____ to seabirds.
  2. The spider's bite is painful, but it is _____ to humans.
  3. Heavy rains and _____ winds caused several trees to fall.
  4. Farms were attacked by a swarm of locusts that _____ crops in the area.
  5. The introduction of foxes to this area put many native species at _____ of extinction.
  6. Pesticides may help control pests but they are also _____ to local wildlife.

5 Describe the weather

Describe the worst weather that you have experienced or imagine a scene involving terrible weather conditional.
Further Damage Weather
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