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Last Updated September 21, 2019, 2:46 pm
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Harrogate Lunar Society §99

Any convex object at rest on a slope is always unstable. This was predicted before the Lunar Society existed! The bottoms of aerosol cans are convex to counter the pressure in the can. A few were cut out and placed on a large sloping mirror and spun. They continued spinning forever and are only stopped by friction or by falling off the mirror! Pieces of cardboard were cut into chiral letters ie letters which aren't mirror images of each other viz S and Z yet they have ‘limbs’ that are susceptible to flow as a pond filling with water from a steady jet. Some Greek letters were tried and sigma (ς) was the best. This is all reminiscent of a story some years back whereby a ship sailing in the English Channel, with a load of wellington boots, sank in a storm and all the right footed boots came ashore in Scotland and the left ones in Holland! More bubbles were blown this week and huge ones were produced using a hollow pizza platter. It was dipped in foam mixed with dish washing liquid which gave a technicolour glint to the bubbles. They were as large as a cubic metre and resembled atomic orbitals. One floated 10 metres into the sky. 4ς/R is the pressure inside the bubble of radius R.
Emmy Noether was top of the agenda and the main talking point of discussions that took place in Bangelstein yesterday. She was the leading expert in abstract algebra at the time Einstein was developing the theory of relativity. Yet she remains, virtually unknown to the man in the street. She worked with such luminaries as David Hilbert and Felix Klein and she developed the golden rule, the symmetry principle and hypercomplex numbers. Other topics discussed included Vedic mathematics, feferrocology, complexity and Pyrrhonian scepticism, distrust of experts, and xmas trees. Contact: harlunsoc@yahoo.co.uk for further information.
Summary for the paper: The Lunar Men span a convex dish on a sloping mirror and blew huge bubbles into the sky. They performed an experiment with pieces of cardboard to show how right footed boots washed up in Scotland and left ones in Holland! Afterwards they chatted about Emmy Noether and xmas trees. [50 words] Contact: harlunsoc@yahoo.co.uk for further information.
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