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Last Updated October 8, 2020, 12:19 pm
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Minecraft is a very good video game. It isn't violent or graphic which enables younger people to play it. Personally, I'd say that Minecraft has a positive effect on young people. As an avid player of the game, I can say that it is very peaceful and relaxing. A child could get home from school and play Minecraft. They'll be in there own world with their own responsibilities. My friends and I all agree that you can use it as an escape from the real world; some children find the world scary so they go to Minecraft to help.
Minecraft in some aspects reflects the real world. You have your own home/ base that you feel safe in. People choose to hide their valuables in there and keep any essential resources safely in there. Obviously, in real life you wont go outside with a sword and defeat skeletons and zombies. That part of the game can relieve stress and anger by taking it out on fictional enemies.
Minecraft gets better by the year with its frequent and amazing updates. Unlike other games, Minecraft hasn't been spoiled by loot boxes. You can take games like Overwatch and Call of Duty for example. Those two games both integrated features called "Loot boxes". Loot boxes are items you pay real money for. You then open them and have a random chance to get a gun or skin out of it. Loot boxes are seen as gambling so some countries are considering banning them. Younger players don't understand the concept of gambling so they put lots of money into a game and could receive nothing in return. It is filthy trick to get people to spend their hard earned money on a game. However, games like Minecraft don't have loot boxes. They have a shop that you can buy anything you want and have a one hundred percent chance of getting it. That is why Minecraft is a phenomenal game!
I disagree with the statement that "Games like Minecraft have a negative effect on young people because they do not show the real world". A videogame doesn't have to show off the real world. As previously mentioned, the real world is a scary place. It is full of crime, bad people and the unknown. Games like Animal Crossing, Minecraft and Terraria all have a peaceful feel to them. You get immersed in a nice and safe environment. There is also an option to play some games without hostile creatures so you don't need a sword or a gun. That is why I disagree with that statement!
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