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Last Updated September 21, 2019, 2:46 pm
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Noah Carl Sacked

A controversial scholar accused of conducting "racist" research was stripped of his fellowship at a Cambridge University college last night after an investigation into his work.
A panel at St Edmund’s College looking into complaints about Noah Carl, a social scientist, concluded that his work was "problematic".
The former fellow had spoken at a eugenics conference and has said that hostility to immigrant groups draws on "rational beliefs" about stereotypes that are "quite accurate".
In a letter of redress leaked to The Times Matthew Bullock, the master of St Edmund’s, confirmed Dr Carl’s fellowship had been terminated. Mr Bullock said that college heads had "considered the special investigation panel in relation to your complaints about the nature and quality of Dr Carl’s work.
"The governing body voted tonight to accept the recommendations and Dr Carl’s research fellowship will be terminated. In light of these findings, on behalf of the governing body and myself, I apologise unreservedly for the hurt and offence felt by all members of the combination room."
Dr Carl has said he championed free speech and that there was a belief that scholars exploring "taboo topics" such as race, genes and IQ should be held to higher standards of evidence or censored because of the harm it may cause if their findings became known.
In a statement, the college said that his work "demonstrated poor scholarship, promoted extreme right-wing views and incited racial and religious hatred". It added that concerns had been raised about his activities which linked him to far-right extremists.

Some Questions

  1. Was the decision based on political considerations?
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