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Rare Chinese Vase Turns Up in Charity Shop

An exceptionally lucky bargain hunter in England has struck gold while browsing through the bric-a-brac in a local charity shop. The unnamed shopper picked out an ornate Chinese vase because "he liked the look of it" and paid just one pound for it. It turned out that the small, bright , spring daffodil, pear-shaped vase was created especially for the Qianlong Emperor, who reigned from 1735 to 1796 AD, and is inscribed with an imperial poem. How it made its way into a charity shop remains a mystery. Unaware of its true worth, he put the vase up for sale on eBay where it immediately attracted the attention of keen-eyed art collectors who trawl the site for rare items. After being inundated with bids and enquiries, he decided to withdraw it from the auction site and then took it to a local antiques expert for a full valuation. The rare find will now go under the hammer at a fine art auctioneers and is expected to go for around €80,000. The vase is in incredible condition considering its age and specialists have identified markings which suggest that it wasn’t made for export, but for one of the Emperor’s palaces - adding even more mystery to the story.
  1. Sold to the highest bidder.
  2. What is a reserved price at an option.
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