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The Beginning Times

Replace the [malapropisms] with the word they sound like that has a more serious meaning.
I've told you a million times before, not to _____ [exasparate] A million is a phenominally _____ [dry] number. The end times have been already arrived. With the _______ [inedibly] fast pace of modern life, it may seem to be taking it's time to _______ [breach] your area, but those end times are _______ [defiantly] here. From an _______ [hysterical] perspective, the end times will be _______ [clued] as a comparatively _______ [wooden] change.

Now is the time for everyone to realise that the we are entering a totally new _______ [eraser]. Nothing will ever be the same _______ [acclaimed]. But be positive! Every _______ [crowd] has a silver _______ [iron]. The new order of things is probably not going to be a Globalist or Marxist horror _______ [glory]. While there will almost certainly be serious problems with all _______ [sects] of life, there will also be some _______ [potent] for those who can react well to the coming _______ [ranges].

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