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Vanishing Stars

Over 100 stars VANISH from the sky, providing yet more evidence of alien civilisations harvesting STARS to generate antimatter fuel that can power FTL drives
There's evidence to suggest that non-Earth civilizations harvest entire stars to generate antimatter fuel to power FTL (Faster Than Light) warp drives. FTL travel is necessary to traverse the galaxy, given the enormous distances involved (even at 1000 times the speed of light, it would take 120 years to travel from one end of our Milky Way galaxy to the other).
Now, mainstream science news is writing about a bombshell discovery: Over 100 stars have vanished from the night sky in just the last 50 years. They’re literally gone. As I’ve explained in my lectures, this is because our galaxy no doubt hosts “star eaters” — advanced alien civilizations that consume entire stars to create antimatter fuel. This idea is beginning to achieve mainstream status, by the way. As CNET.com now reports:
“Unless a star directly collapses into a black hole, there is no known physical process by which it could physically vanish,” explains a new study published in the Astronomical Journal and led by Beatriz Villarroel of Stockholm University and Spain’s Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias. “The implications of finding such objects extend from traditional astrophysics fields to the more exotic searches for evidence of technologically advanced civilizations.”
The project team believes their search for vanishing stars could be useful in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) by identifying “hot spots” in space where an unexpectedly large number of stars seem to be missing.
“Zooming in on the (hot spots) in our SETI (or technosignature) searches, we can identify the most probable locations to host extra-terrestrial intelligence,” they write.
The idea here is that a very advanced alien civilization may be able to construct a hypothetical megastructure called a Dyson sphere that completely encompasses a star in order to capture a large portion of its energy.
Here’s the image of vanishing stars. The left panel was taken in the 1950s. The right panel is from 2019. Notice how the large star in the center of the rectangle has vanished?
Importantly, these stars vanished many thousands of years ago, depending on their distance from Earth. Through normal space, light travels at a known constant speed (when gravity is not distorting space, see below), and we know the distance of these stars thanks to parallax measurements from Earth. Thus, we can easily determine how long ago these stars vanished, given that their light takes a certain amount of time to each us.
This vanishing of stars has no explanation in mainstream astronomy, but it is explained by the existence of “star eaters” — alien civilizations that consume entire stars to power the FTL warp drives on their ships. Stars can be harvested into antimatter fuel, which can then be used to project gravity distortion fields that accelerate ships to speed that far exceed the speed of light.
This is exactly what I’ve described in my Oblivion Agenda lectures, which are available at OblivionAgenda.com. I also gave a live lecture on this topic to thousands of people in Branson, Missouri, which was recorded and is available on this DVD set from GenSix Productions.
Steve Quayle himself, founder of GenSix, said this live talk was the best live presentation he’s ever seen. I continue to receive feedback from people saying it changed their entire view of reality.
Yes, the speed of light can be radically altered by bending the space through which light travels
Naturally, people who think they know a little something about physics will immediately scream, “But the speed of light cannot be exceeded! It is an absolute limit!”
That’s not true at all. The speed of light is limited according to the spacetime “grid” through which light is passing, so if that grid is stretched via projected gravity fields, then light itself can more quickly traverse that grid. In other words, if you bend spacetime by a factor of 10, stretching it out to where the “grid” of space is now ten times more elongated, then light can appear to travel at ten times the “speed of light” to an outside observer, even though within the grid itself, the speed of light is still constant compared to the grid.
Put another way, the speed of light varies according to the distortion of space by gravity, which is why the observed speed of light by scientists all around the world is not a constant. Small variations in the speed of light have been routinely observed literally thousands of times by dozens of different labs around the world. These speed variations are due to gravity waves washing over our planet, causing variations in the curvature of space itself, which is how gravity works.
In fact, variations in the observed speed of light are so common that the scientific community had to cheat to fix the speed of light to a constant. They did this through circular logic, by defining the speed of light as a component of how long it takes light to travel one meter, while defining one meter as the distance traversed by light in a given amount of time. These definitions are circular, which is why the speed of light is a “constant,” even when it isn’t in reality. (This is just one way the scientific community deceives the world with fake science and fake math. It’s more common than you might suppose…)
I don’t have the space here to do a full science paper on this for those who are still stuck in Newtonian physics, but the simple explanation is that gravity not only bends light, but gravity bends the space through which light travels. If you didn’t know that gravity bends the space through which light travels, then you aren’t even up to speed on the most basic astrophysics principles used by mainstream university lab all around the world. Yes, gravity bends light indirectly, by bending the space through which light travels, and that explains why large masses such as stars, black holes and planets, create a “lensing effect,” bending the light of stars that travels near those masses as the light makes its way to Earth. This is why stars appear to shift around the perimeter of the sun as observed during a total eclipse.
So the key to traveling faster than the speed of light is found in bending space, not accelerating in standard space. You can never accelerate to the speed of light in standard space, because there isn’t enough energy in the universe to achieve that goal. But you can, if you have the tech, bend space itself by projecting strong gravity fields that distort spacetime. An entire ship can then be propelled to speeds in excess of 1000 times the speed of light by traversing this space distortion, which can be projected as a spheric bubble around a spacecraft.
Projecting gravity fields, as you might suspect, requires enormous amounts of energy. The kind of energy that would have to be harvested from entire stars.
From my Oblivion Agenda slides, I explain why FTL technology is commonplace in the cosmos:
This isn’t science fiction, by the way. It’s a serious subject that’s being studied by serious scientists connected with NASA as a form of future space flight. It turns out you actually can travel faster than light by bending space using antimatter, which means you aren’t violating the absolute speed limit of light, even as you are moving from point A to point B at a velocity that would appear to be faster than light to a stationary observer.

Full Article - Natural News

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