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Think about the parts of speech. That is whether a word is noun; a verb or an adjective. Sometimes you can change an adjective to a noun. Example Noun = youth (A youth walked past late at night) Adjective youthful (Don't you think he looks quite youthful?)

1 - Fill The gaps

  1. As a _____ Ben had worked in a fruit factory.
  2. A fat _____ may suffer agonies of self-consciousness.
  3. He got married while still in his _______
  4. Steve changed from a friendly boy into a confused and moody _____
  5. Stores are forbidden to sell alcohol and cigarettes to ______
  6. One of the _____ pushed her against the wall and took her bag.
  7. The show is extremely popular, especially with the _____


  1. youth (a young man between about 15 and 25 year)
  2. teenager (someone who is between 13 and 19 years)
  3. teens (someone who is in their teens is between 13 and 19 years old)
  4. adolescent (someone who is at the age when they change from being a child into a young adult - use this especially when talking about problems)
  5. minors (a person under the age when they legally become an adult- used in legal contexts)
  6. youths (this especially about groups of young men between 15 and 25 who behave badly or do something illegal ) Note: The pronunciation of TH changes
  7. young (young people in general the young)

2 - Fill The gaps

Definitely/ I am afraid so/ of course/ Yes/ Ok/ affirmative/ no problem/ Alright/ go ahead/ right/ certainly.
  1. "Would you like some wine?" "____ please."
  2. "Are you going to Sonya's party?" "_____! It should be really fun."
  3. "You're not going out, are you?'' "_____. But I won't be long."
  4. When asked if he recognized the defendant, the witness replied in the _____.
  5. "Mum, can I borrow your car for an hour?" "____, but don't be any longer than that."
  6. "Do you think I could borrow some money?" "____. How much do you need?
  7. "Can I change the date of my return flight to London?" "____, which date would you prefer?"
  8. "Is it OK if I smoke?'' "Sure, ____...''
  9. "Would it be all right if I leave work a bit early tomorrow? I've got a dentist's appointment." "_____.. - thanks for letting me know."
  10. "Dad, can you help me with this maths homework?'' "_____., but shouldn't you really do it by yourself?''
  11. "I'll need ten copies of this letter.'' "_____, I'll do it straight away.''


  1. Yes (say this to politely accept something that someone offers you)
  2. definitely (say this when you want to agree strongly with something, or to make it clear that you are definitely going to do something
  3. I am afraid so (this when you think the person asking the question is hoping for a different answer)
  4. affirmative (formal written to say yes - use this when someone says yes in a formal or public situation, for example in a law court)
  5. Ok (say this when you agree to give permission but you are not completely happy about it)
  6. of course (use this to say clearly and definitely that you are very willing to give your permission for something)
  7. Certainly (say this especially when you are being polite to someone in a formal situation)
  8. go ahead (say this when someone asks your permission to use something that belongs to you, or asks to do something that affects you in some way)
  9. No problem (say this to show that you are very willing to give permission, and it is not at all inconvenient for you)
  10. Alright (spoken say this especially when you do not really want to do what someone is asking or telling you to do )
  11. Right (especially British say this especially when you want to show that you have understood what someone wants you to do and you are going to do it)
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