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Top Questions of our Times

The best is yet to come, so be prepared with answers to these questions.
  1. What kind of future can we look forward to?
  2. Will we have countries in ten years time?
  3. Why is wealth distribution becoming more and more of a problem, while many of the richest people in the world talk of helping the poor while at the same time taking more wealth from the middle classes and the poor?
  4. Did mankind land on the moon in 1969.

    Clue Points

    1. In 2021 it seems well beyond our technical capabilities
    2. Is it really not possible to see stars from the surface of the moon?
    3. Did the project leaders want ...
      1. To say they got there first?
      2. everyone to think they were not able to get there?
  5. Were the lockdowns of 2021 coordinated by powers above the governments of the world's countries?
    1. Who did they benefit?
  6. What's the quickest way to make everyone in the world sick?
    1. Create a virus and make a vaccine to inject into everyone's body.
    2. Promote genetically modified food.
    3. Keep people locked indoors.

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