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Take Turns to Describe Your Change

ALT LOGO The game starts with a random simple short word. In turns change you look at the word and imagine a new word formed by one of these changes:
  1. An anagram
  2. Adding a letter anywhere in the word.
  3. Changing a letter
  4. Removing a group of connected letters, but only if you leave at least 4 letters in the new word.
In turns going clockwise each player imagines a new word and describes how the word changes. Example the word is CAT and you explain "An anagram put you on a stage" The other students take turns to either guess the word or buy clues with tokens. The first correct guess takes all the tokens, but if nobody can guess the word the tokens remain for the next round. The player describing the words does not win tokens when it's their turn to describe a word change. The players guessing may ask for a sentence. If a sentence is requested, the player who knows the word makes a sentence using their word but hides the word that is being sought. Eg: ACT Add a letter to make something that seems to be true.
I request a sentence. "OK - pay five tokens"
As a matter of _____ the book is in the cupboard over there.
Ahhh FACT Yes, you've got it!

Take Turns to Describe Your Change

A vocabulary game to play in text chats. There is a room for this activity on EnglishTap. Come and ask to join. Each word is followed by a clue to a new word. The new word is formed from the original word by one of these ways:
  1. Removing one letter.
    CHAIR -> Something growing
  2. Adding a letter
    LAST => Explosion
  3. Re-arranging or mixing all the letters
    DEAL => Heavy metal
  4. Taking a word that's contained inside the word
    COMFORTABLE => Furniture
  5. Wrapping the word in a longer word.
    FINE => restrict
  6. Changing all the vowels
    CHEER => Something to ssit on
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