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International Politics


United Nations

The UN is an international organisation constituted in 1945 to make the world a better place for humanity. From its foundation3, it has pursued these key aims:
  1. To keep peace throughout the world.
  2. To establish friendly relations between countries.
  3. To work together to improve people's lives by conquering poverty, disease, illiteracy and environmental destruction, and to encourage respect for each other's rights and freedoms.
  4. To be a centre for supporting nations in achieving these goals.
In other words, the UN stresses the importance of negotiation when there are disagreements between countries. It is opposed to injustice and upholds the rights of minorities but it will only support military intervention if its Security Council agrees that this is justified.
  1. formed (used about an official organisation)
  2. all people
  3. founded

    time when it was established

  4. pursued try to achieve. With this meaning this word collocates with :
    1. aim
    2. goal
    3. career
    4. strategy
  5. establish set up, put in place
  6. conquering beating, getting rid of
  7. Illiterate Illiteracy

    inability to read or write

  8. Negotiation

    discussions in an attempt to reach an agreement

  9. Injustice unfairness
  10. upholds


  11. Minorities

    groups of people who differ racially or in some other way from most of the people in the place where they live (minority collocates with adjectives such as ethnic, religious.

    Example: The persecution of Christian Minorities in the middle east has been aided by Western liberals and globalists.
  12. Intervention Involvement in a difficult situation in order to improve it
  13. Justified Having reason (For someone)

Political Movements

A political movement is a group of people with the same beliefs who work together in an attempt to achieve something. They often make use of a slogan, ( a short phrase that catches people's attention and is easy to remember.) The aim of a political movement might be the liberation of a minority, perhaps, or the integration of one particular social group into the society from which it is, or feels itself to be, excluded. Members of a political movement sometimes go on a march, a walk where they can demonstrate their solidarity with others sharing the same attitudes and aims.

International conferences

NEWS A major international conference is currently meeting in Rio. Delegates from 60 different countries are attending. Their aim is to determine ways in which each country can minimise the energy requirements of its infrastructure, with a view to slowing the rate of global warming. The governments of each country recognise the importance of these discussions and have undertaken to support any programme of measures agreed on by the conference. Although some of the issues under discussion are undeniably delicate, the conference has so far shown more unity than is customary at such gatherings.


Choose a word from the box to complete each sentence.

pursue   ​ humanity   ​ justify   ​ conquer   ​ negotiations   ​ injustice   ​ establish   ​ minorities
  1. The organisation's aim is to ______ illiteracy throughout the continent.
  2. There is still too much ______ in the world today.
  3. The rights of ethnic _____ are sometimes neglected by national governments.
  4. The government wants to _____ a committee to work on reducing poverty.
  5. It is hoped that the current _______ will lead to a positive outcome.
  6. The best hope for all of ______ is that nations should get better at respecting each other.
  7. It is impossible to ______ the use of force in such a situation.
  8. Lesley is determined to _____ her goal of becoming a barrister.

Complete the word formation table. There are two nouns for five of the verbs.

Verb Noun

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.

  1. Are you planning to go on the protest ____ tomorrow?

    A slogan B march C unity D movement

  2. It's quite a ____ subject, so take care how you bring it up.

    A customary B deniable C delicate D justified

  3. The country's economy can only develop once it has a good ____

    A humanity B liberation C solidarity D infrastructure

  4. The party ____ not to reduce spending on international aid.

    A integrated B undertook C conquered D recognised

  5. It is now nearly 100 years since the _____ of the organisation.

    A foundation B negotiation C infrastructure D movement

  6. Chris is going to the conference as our ____

    A humanity B solidarity C slogan D delegate

Complete each sentence with a word from the same root as the word in brackets.

  1. It is ____ true that the project is likely to meet with some opposition. (deny)
  2. Is it ____ in your country to take a gift if you visit someone's house? (custom)
  3. It is wrong that there is still so much ____ in the world. (just)
  4. The workers expressed their ____ by organising a huge demonstration. (solid)
  5. Left-wing political ____ were particularly powerful in the early 20th century. (move)
  6. On the whole this society is very well _____ . (integrate)
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