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Easily confused words

Words similar in form and close in meaning The United Nations should intervene to stop the civil war.

[step in; neutral in meaning]

She shouldn't interfere in things that don't concern her.

[involve herself; negative and critical]

The phone's been ringing continually. It's driving me crazy. [very frequently; often negative] Stir the mixture continuously until it boils.

[without stopping; from a recipe]

There's a new series on TV about space exploration.

[set of related programmes]

I don't want to miss this week's episode of Oliver Twist. It's a serial - if I miss one, I'll lose track of the story.

[set of programmes where the story continues over different episodes]

We sat in the shade of a big oak tree. [out of the sun; pleasant connotation] The evening sun cast long shadows. [dark areas or shapes] They lived in the shadow of a chemical factory. [in a place dominated by; negative connotation] She complimented me on my performance at the concert. [praised, expressed admiration for] I took a course in programming to complement my other IT skills. [make them seem better, more complete or more attractive in combination]
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