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Numbers - Multiples, Factors and Primes

  1. The recipe for flapjacks is 250 g of oats, 150 g of brown sugar and 100 g of margarine. What fraction of the mixture is:
    1. oats? _________
    2. sugar? _________
  2. The ratio of girls to boys in a school is 7:6 If there are 455 pupils in total, how many are
    1. girls? _________
    2. boys? _________
  3. Sarah works as a waitress. Each week, she splits her wage into spending money and savings in the ratio 7:3.
    1. One week, Sarah earns £130. How much should she put in her savings that week? _________
    2. The next week, Sarah put £42 into her savings. How much did she earn in total that week? _________
  4. An architect is drawing the plan of a house to a scale of 1 cm to 3 m.
    1. Write this ratio in its simplest form. _________
    2. How wide is a room that appears as 2 cm on the drawing? _________
    3. The hall is 10 m long. How long will the architect need to make it on the drawing? _________
  5. Concrete is mixed using cement, sand and gravel in the ratio 1:3:6. If Dave uses a 5 kg bag of cement, how much:
    Make sure you convert to the same units when you're working out the ratio.
    1. sand does he need? _________
    2. gravel does he need? _________
    3. If Dave needs 80 kg of concrete, how much of each substance does he need? _________
  6. If I picked some strawberries after a few wet days. Some were nibbled by snails, some were mouldy and some fine. The ratio was 2:3:10 respectively. If 9 strawberries were mouldy how many:
    1. were fine? _________
    2. were not fine? _________
    3. What fraction of the total amount were fine? _________
  7. Salt & Vinegar, Cheese & Onion and Prawn Cocktail flavour crisps were sold in the school tuck shop in the ratio 5:3:2 If 18 bags of Prawn Cocktail were sold, how many bags:
    1. of Salt & Vinegar were sold? _________
    2. were sold altogether? _________

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