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Philosophical questions ask about the nature of reality, existence, knowledge, truth, values, morality, and other profound matters.
On the one hand, they can open a “rabbit hole” that leads to endless and seemingly unanswerable questions.
On the other hand, a list of philosophical questions to ask about life—like the one provided below—can be used as a springboard for critical thinking.
Such questions can help us evaluate arguments and foreign ideas, think critically about our beliefs and assumptions, and identify potential biases.
Whether we like it or not, our children will enter a society full of questions and questionable ideas.
It is our responsibility to train them to think critically and seek Truth when asking the questions that arise in their own hearts.
First, let’s take a closer look at what a philosophy question is. Then I’ll provide some examples to help encourage deep thinking.
WHAT IS A PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTION? Usually, a philosophical question is open-ended. The answer to this type of question isn’t necessarily an easy one—nor is it always black or white. It requires thought and reflection.
The deeper the reasoning behind the answer the better.
Bear in mind there’s no such thing as a dumb philosophical question. However, the way questions are answered can border on the brink of absurdity at times.
But the goal is thought.
So … even if your student gives a nonsensical response, if they’re willing to explain how they came to their answer, I count it as a win.
An incomplete answer is better than not pondering one at all.
A good example of a philosophical question is one of the three overarching “pillars” of philosophy.

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